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Child and mother
30 March 2014

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Paris Clandestine
29 March 2014

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Hands of an Artist
10 November 2012

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the ongoing conversation
10 February 2012

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4 February 2012

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All Ajumble
19 September 2010

Recent Comments

Ghassan on Boulevard
Smiling at whom! He looks happy.

Ghassan on end of summer
Kids, always find some thing interesting to them to do.

L'Angevine on Boulevard

k@ on end of summer
Refreshing feel that is a gift in those harsh days, thanks Susan.

L'Angevine on end of summer
belle complicité

L'Angevine on In the Spring

Ghassan on In the Spring
Wow, this is nice. Not easy to get all these details while the light is coming almost from behind of the subject.

L'Angevine on Green Apple Books

john4jack on Green Apple Books
fine capture

LauraS on Green Apple Books
Nice image.

L'Angevine on Meet Me At the Stage Door

Olivier on Meet Me At the Stage Door
so..british i like.

Shaahin Bahremand on Meet Me At the Stage Door
magnificent shot

L'Angevine on Man and Bird
oh le pauvre comme si c'était le pigeon qui allait le consoler

AMIR BABA on Man and Bird

Urszula on Man and Bird
And sadness.

Ghassan on Eat and Run
Birds are lucky ! free food in their disposal every where. This seed/bean vendor machine must be considered luxury ...

Ghassan on A Sense of Proportion
Good catch ! the man looks small surrounded by to big men/statues.

Olivier on Man and Bird
superb street shoot..

L'Angevine on A Sense of Proportion
superbe avec les deux statues

Marie-France on A Sense of Proportion
une belle scène décalée...le modernisme dans l'ancien... j'aime ! bonne soirée !

Shaahin Bahremand on A Sense of Proportion
magnificent scene

L'Angevine on Eat and Run
excellent les ailes

B. Thomas on Eat and Run
Cool shot. Almost spooky.

Sarah on Eat and Run

beach on Eat and Run
love the wing action. well done

Marie-France on Eat and Run
Amazing !

Dimitrios on Eat and Run

Maxine on Eat and Run
Arent they hard to get, Love the blur. I spent hours feeding the birds and finally understood how fast the shutterspeed ...

Ghassan on cappuccino
looks like a really close closeup this time, good job Susan.

Ghassan on Child and mother
She is cute.

Ghassan on Paris Clandestine
The costumes and the background plus the tone made it look and sound from 100 years ago.

Kent on Child and mother
Great pic

Basile Pesso on Child and mother
Simply incredible, superbly composed, with high B and W quality and superb bokeh and expression of the child plus the ...

L'angevine on The Dancer
comme une âme

L'angevine on Paris 2013
intéressant cadrage

Ghassan on Garden
Real life environmental portrait.....the kind I like.

Ghassan on just as the sun comes up
SF or Richardson bay ! hopefully will see it some day , tell me that is not Alcatraz in the middle :D

Irène on just as the sun comes up
so wonderful light....

Jacques Brassard on just as the sun comes up
Beautifull photo

Ghassan on Rosie
So cute with her grandma glasses ! Nice tone....nice to see your photos Susan.

omid on A Face in the Crowd
wooow! very nice portrait! very nice & amazing street shot!!!

Dimitrios on A Face in the Crowd
very good*

john4jack on Shine
such a classic

john4jack on insouciance
so precious

Ghassan on Shine
Considering the weather/climate in your area driving these kind of old cars could be something one do te whole year...I ...

Ghassan on insouciance
What a cutie, wonder what he was thinking about you photographing him.

k@ on Shine
I like this timeless feel a lot, cinematic MGM revival and love the way he looks at you ;)

Ghassan on morning heron
Leg photography is always interesting, sometimes thinking of doing some but never been able to follow through ...

omid on Tipped
very nice!!! Lovely portraits!

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